Some very heartbreaking news about Luke Bryan and his family

There are many people who believe that entertainment superstars live a life that is completely free of any and all sadness, but every so often, we receive a tragic reminder that this is the furthest thing from the truth. Country music superstar Luke Bryan may live a life that most of us could only dream of, but that does not make him immune to tragedy.

His niece Sadie Brett recently passed away, to the surprise of his adoring fans, who did not know about the child’s health struggles since they were largely kept private. She was born in June of last year and has had cardiac issues for the duration of her short life.

Sadie was the child of Luke’s wife’s brother and while positive health updates were provided from time to time and her mother asked her social media followers for prayers, Brett’s health started to decline right before her family’s very eyes in a very short period of time.

The child experienced what was called her “best week” out of the year right before her health started to take a turn for the worst and our hearts definitely go out to Luke and his family during this incredibly difficult time.

Few of us can fathom what it is like to have to bury a child and hopefully, most of us will never have to. For his part, Luke has thanked his fan base profusely for all of their prayers and well wishes, letting them know that he truly appreciates the fact that they are thinking of him during this rough patch that he is facing.

Please take a moment to keep the Bryan family in your daily prayers, as well as your thoughts. The healing process is a long and winding path and they need our support now more than ever.

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