Starbucks Facing Major Backlash Over Absurd Reason They Banned This Man for Life

If you are someone who relies on java for that early morning pick me up, then you know just how sacred this routine can be. When customers stop in at their local Starbucks, they expect to be in and out as quickly as possible. After all, we all have obligations that need to be taken care of each day and we cannot afford to waste too much time procuring a simple cup of coffee.

Most of the Starbucks patrons who are looking for expeditious service will opt for the drive thru, but there are others who will park their vehicles and take the time to go inside. At one Florida Starbucks, a group of customers got into the habit of using the handicapped spaces as a way to get their coffee fix more quickly. Rob Rowen watched this happen over and over again and one day, he finally had enough and decided that he would take matters in his own hands.

Since his son relies on a wheelchair to get around, this is an issue that is definitely near and dear to Rob’s heart. Seeing patrons who are able bodied making such a mockery of the handicapped parking area irked him tremendously and understandably so. He confronted the illegally parked patrons and let them know that he was done with their antics.

The patrons who had gotten used to parking in this manner were not ready to let this go without a fight and one of them even threatened to call the cops on Rob for harassing her. She followed through on this threat and received a ticket for illegally parking as a result. Instead of taking this as a sign to quit using handicapped parking as their personal VIP area, the customers whined to management at the Tampa Starbucks location.

Instead of letting people know that they could not park in these spaces, the management decided to ban Rob for life. He received a written letter letting him know that he was not to come back. A faithful customer getting banned from a coffee shop for letting people know that they shouldn’t hog up handicapped spaces? What in the world are we letting this planet come to?

Law enforcement was on Rob’s side in this instance and once the news of his ban became public, his ban was lifted. We are sad that it took public pressure for this event to take place and it is shameful on the part of this Starbucks location. Please share this story as a means of spreading awareness about this cause and do not ever park in a handicapped space if you are able bodied.

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