Strange Man Follows Boy To The Car And Tries To Kidnap Him, Then Off-Duty Cop Does Unthinkable

This family were merely trying to take a trip to Disney World and while this trip should have been uneventful, one nefarious would be criminal had other ideas completely. If not for the actions of one police officer who was monitoring the scene, the life of one little boy might have changed once and for all.

The story takes place on a Monday night, as a father stopped at a Florida McDonald’s with his two sons. His 12 year old needed to use the bathroom inside and the rest of the family waited inside of the vehicle patiently.


One man had his eye on the little boy during the entirety of the family’s visit and when he tried to make his way back to the car to leave with his family, this is when an altercation ensued. The crazed man even continued to tug at the child as he was re-entering the vehicle, making for a scary scene.

Fortunately, an off duty cop by the name of Troy happened to be waiting in line when the incident was taking place. When he identified himself as an officer of the law, the man tried to run away and Troy grabbed him by the collar before he was given a chance to get away.


The criminal’s name is Robert Sawyer and while we would like to end this story by telling you that he is no longer roaming the streets, he was released on bail and is currently resting at home. We hope that the local police department has been made fully aware of the situation and that they are doing everything in their power to keep an eye on this clearly dangerous man.

We do not understand the logic of the court here, but we are glad that there are still great officers like Troy, who are ready and willing to put their life on the life at a moment’s notice to keep us safe.

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