Stray kept following animal control officers after a storm, so they gave her a job and a home


Animal control officers have a very difficult job, as they are asked to venture into several different areas to assist animals that are in need. The things that they see are truly awful and it is tough to put emotions to the side and make the right decisions for themselves and for the animal in question.


The story takes place in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, as a North Carolina Animal Care and Control Emergency Response team from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area was performing a series of care checks on a variety of animals who found themselves stranded.


While they were combing through evacuated areas, they came across a small brown dog who was clearly a stray, as the animal was simply hanging out in the middle of the street. When they piled back into their vehicle to head to the next area for additional care checks, she followed behind them dutifully.

They stopped to check on the animal and found no ID or microchip to speak of. Providing her with some fresh food and water and continuing on their way, they assumed that was that…until the dog continued to follow them down the street.


Once the officers decided to post their video of this adorable encounter with the cute little stray, it would soon go viral and win the hearts of animal lovers all across America. After the pup followed the animal control team for at least three blocks, they decided to stop and pick her up.


They tried to find a home for the dog (who they dubbed Charlotte), but to no avail. She spent several months at the shelter until the animal control officers returned for her with a job offer: a role in their Human Education Program. If you enjoyed Charlotte’s happy ending as much as we did, be sure to pass this clip along to family and friends.

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