Studies Show That Children Inherit Their Intelligence From Their Moms Not Dads

Anyone who has ever found themselves in a playful argument with their parents about where their intelligence is derived from will definitely want to read on and learn more. If you are someone who has always done well in school, you just might want to take the time to thank your mother for that. A Psychology Spot study has recently been conducted on the matter.

The study says that we need to be thanking our mothers for giving us our smarts. It is high time to remove all of the gender stereotypes that are associated with intelligence. We are reaching a point where men are going to start to value the input that women have to offer more often. Intelligence is a key aspect when it comes to the level of attraction we experience, whether a man realizes it or not.

The results of the study are rather simple. It is believed that the X chromosome is responsible for the carrying of intelligence. Because a woman possesses two of these chromosomes, they are more likely to pass down intelligence to their little ones than their male counterparts. Gene deactivation was also discussed as part of this study.

These scientists believe that advanced cognitive function can potentially be activated by a parent or even deactivated. This is what is known as a conditioned gene. This gene is said to be activated by a mother. Similar studies have also taken place with mice. Those with additional maternal genes developed smaller bodies and larger heads.

The paternal cells were found to have developed in areas of the brain that are responsible for dictating more aggressive behaviors. Lastly, the study says that one of the best ways to predict intelligence is by taking a closer look at the IQ of the mother. The genes we are given do not tell the whole story, though. The rest is dictated by the environment that we live in.

Of course, there are those who are not going to agree with the findings of the study and that is understandable. Science is all about the presentation of differing viewpoints. Only time will tell who is actually right, though. Emily Willingham is a Forbes contributor and she believes that this information is false. Where do you stand on this subject? Be sure to pass this along to your friends and loved ones so that the debate can begin.

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