Study Finds Dog Owners Are Happier Than Cat Owners

A survey was recently taken that is going to renew the ‘dogs vs cats’ argument that we have been having all along. It seems as if they have finally proven that people who own dogs are a lot happier.

I’m sure that most of us would agree that any animal is going to be more loving than a human being but it seems as if they are not all on par with each other.

I have had cats since I was little but you could probably define me as being a ‘dog person’ because they are so awesome. The devotion, love and joy that they bring to our lives is just more than any of us could ever measure.

It seems as if those qualities that dogs possess bring a lot of happiness to humans as well. In fact, the happiness of owning a dog is way better than owning a cat according to this recent study.

This study comes from the General Social Survey, a part of a research organization of the University of Chicago, known as NORC. The results showed that dog owners tend to be happy to a large degree. 36% of those who own dogs say that they are ‘very happy’ but only 18% of those who own cats would describe themselves the same way.

I’ll be the first one to admit that cats tend to take as well as give and if you want the love of a feline, you are going to have to work for it.

There may be other things that you can consider as part of the survey as well. It’s not just a simple matter of saying “dogs are better than cats” and the science is rather interesting.

The results were published in the Washington Post and it talks about relationships.

Dog owners tend to have a significant other in their life as far as another human is concerned. They also tend to be satisfied with their status in life as well.

Any married person knows that marriage is not a guarantee of happiness but this survey does bring something interesting to mind.

It also is interesting that it looked at their lives rather than just having the participants describe themselves as being ‘very happy’. Perhaps there are plenty of crazy cat ladies that are very happy with their lives, but I digress.

This organization does more than survey people who own cats or dogs. They have been around since 1972 and discuss many subjects, from how many people smoke marijuana to the types of relationships that people have.

If this teaches us anything, it teaches us that there is at least some substance to the argument that dogs are better than cats. Cats would probably beg to differ, but at least for now, we have science on our side.

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