Study Finds That Second-Born Children Are More Likely To Be Criminals

According to the results of a recent study, children who are born second are more likely to be criminals. They are also more likely to experience difficulties when it comes to fitting in socially later in life. Researchers studied the actions of thousands of brothers to learn more about this phenomenon. Their findings are definitely sure to fuel a few sibling rivalries.

Children from the state of Florida and the country of Denmark were both examined and there was very little difference between the two. Even though the culture of each location is different, the second born child still maintained the same likelihood of running afoul of the law. The results remain consistent, providing first-born children with plenty of ammunition.

The connection between the order of birth and a life of crime might be simpler than what you expected. It is believed that second-born children are more likely to make these sorts of decisions because they do not receive the same sort of one on one care that is afforded to their older siblings. Second children are more likely to act out as a means of getting the attention they crave.

Parents are also more likely to take time off from work when they have had their first child. This slight difference can keep from being able to receive the doting that they need when they are at their smallest. Second siblings may also find themselves in competition with their older siblings when it comes to receiving the help that they need.

Parents of second siblings tend to have a higher level of focus on their career. A firstborn child looks up to an adult as their role model. Meanwhile, second born children could take cues from their older siblings and this is how they are often led astray. Be sure to bear this in mind when your older siblings look to rub the results of this study in your face.

To add insult to injury, first born children were also found to be smarter than their younger counterparts. Parents who would like to avoid these types of concerns should always remember to spend time with their second born children. Do not allow for complacency to set in. A lack of enthusiasm is also being blamed for the increased amount of difficulty. Please take the time to pass this interesting piece of information along today….

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