Study reveals that dogs judge you based on how you treat other people

For those of you who have yet to obtain a dog of your own, it can be tough to watch others lose their minds over them. After all, they are just pets, right? What is the big deal? When you have not established your own partnership with a pet, it can be tough to view them as being important to others. Some also allow themselves to believe that they are “stupid” creatures.

Nothing could be further from the truth, though. They are the furthest thing from mindless. They are incredibly perceptive animals and studies show that they judge humans based on how they treat others. If you are someone who is rude to your fellow man, then guess what? Dogs are not going to like you very much. The opposite is true for those who know how to move through this world in a kind and gentle manner.

You also get what you give when it comes to the way that you treat a dog. Those who are rude and condescending to dogs are not going to be treated well by them. They judge us on our actions and we can’t think of anything smarter. Think about all of the humans out there who struggle with this concept and allow themselves to be swayed by someone else’s words.

Dogs do not go for this… can do! The aforementioned study was published in the Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews journal. If a dog sees that you are not willing to help your fellow humans, they are always going to take this into account. This is the sort of mental processing that skeptics are not always willing to give the average dog credit for.

Part of the test was simple. The dogs were shown humans who refused to assist others and humans who were ready to help. From there, they were offered treats by each human. In most instances, the dogs were far more willing to accept treats from the helpful humans, as opposed to those who behaved in a rude way. Dogs have a sixth sense for these things, it seems.

The next time one of your dog loving friends claims that their pooch can sense who is a good person and who should be avoided, don’t laugh them off. There is legitimate scientific evidence behind they are saying. Capuchin monkeys were also tested in this way and the results were quite similar, for what it is worth. Don’t be rude to dogs. They know more than you realize.


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