Study Reveals That Women Are Better Drivers Than Men

The debate is over! A recent study has found that women are actually better drivers than men. A British financial services comparison website, Confused, took it upon themselves to look into the matter and some interesting facts and findings have come out of it.

For starters, women as it turns out, actually commit less driving offenses than men. The findings show that men actually are four times more likely to commit a driving offense such as drinking and driving or driving without a license – both of which are ticket-worthy offenses, than women are. Also, 23% of all 2017 driving offences were men caught speeding, with a small 7% of women being caught doing the same.

In addition, the study has also found women to be safer drivers since they’re much less likely to get involved in a car accident than men. Because of this, they seem to cost insurance companies less money when they make claims—an average of £92 less than men for their insurance spanning over a year.

The final thing the study revealed, is a reason as to why women are actually the superior drivers. Women actually take longer to learn how to drive than men. Apparently, this translates to women being able to perfect their skills whereas men probably aren’t as ready for their license as they think they are when the get it.

So overall, it’s been a study that has quieted sexist claims that women are terrible drivers because you can’t argue with science.

What do you think of the results of this study?

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