Study Shows The More Time You Spend With Your Mom, The Longer She’ll Live

If it has been a long while since you have spent time with your mother, a recent study says that it is time to change that. When adults begin to age, their quality of life is affected by the amount of companionship that they receive. Loneliness is believed to play a major role in the health of seniors. Cognitive impairment and depression are far more likely to take place in these instances.

Loneliness can even lead to an earlier death in certain cases. 1,600 adults were analyzed for this study. Nearly a quarter of the respondents who reported feelings of loneliness died within years of the study taking place. Only 14 percent of seniors who had access to companionship passed away during the same time period. These results remained consistent across the board, even when considering socioeconomic status.

Seniors also have a habit of falling into a sedentary lifestyle. Having friends and loved ones to spend time with keeps them from becoming bedridden. Losing weight and remaining active is much easier for seniors who have loved ones to look after them. Social relationships are far more important to our longevity than most seniors realize.

The same goes for their younger counterparts who may be neglecting them. Humans rely on one another for survival and even with modern advancements, seniors need our help more than anyone. Social isolation is not good for anyone’s health. In fact, it is believed that loneliness can be worse for someone’s health than indulging in fatty foods or tobacco products.

The more time we spend with the people who care about us, the more likely we are to laugh and laughter is a wonderful form of medicine. If you have not visited your mother in a long time, what are you waiting for? Be sure to pick up the phone and give her a call as soon as possible. You never know, you just might be saving her life!

We also benefit from spending time with our parents. When we are able to soak up the knowledge and wisdom that they have to provide, this allows us to advance in our own lives. No one will ever understand us in the same way that our parents do and their guidance is invaluable. The results of this study are simply too powerful to ignore so schedule that visit or pick up that phone today….don’t delay!

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