Study Suggests That If You Drink Black Coffee, You May Be a Psychopath

Studies like these can cause some of us to roll our eyes. What study DOESN’T claim that someone is a psychopath for participating in normal daily activities? At this point, we are surprised that there isn’t a study that says anyone who wears white socks is a future serial killer. However, this study is the study that we all need to be paying attention to.

Everyone knows someone who drinks black coffee, even if they are not the type to enjoy black coffee themselves. We were forced to shed our milk and sugar as we got older and enjoy black coffee for “health” reasons. Does this make us psychos? According to this study….quite possibly. There is a strong possibility that black coffee drinkers revel is being sadistic, as well. What in the heck is going on here?

University of Innsbruck in Austria researchers are responsible for the study and their findings are rather stunning, to be quite honest. Those who enjoy bitter tastes tend to have personalities that are more narcissistic and aggressive. Two studies were used in order to come up with these findings and the information was all self reported.

If you have a taste for the bitter foods and beverages, this just might say something about your personality. Whatever you do, don’t shoot the messenger. We are just passing the information along. What you do with it is up to you. Some might decide to slough off the study because it took place in Austria but this is a little too convenient for us.

We guess that we are simply going to have to get used to the fact that our love for black coffee could mean something far more sinister. Of course, the study shows that those who enjoy sweets are far more likely to display a certain level of ‘sweetness’ in their everyday life. We demand a recount! These results are a little too pat for us.

There are limitations in these results. For example, what about those of us who love black coffee and still enjoy sweets? Does this study account for the people who love to grab a morning doughnut to pair with their black coffee? In our humble opinion, it does not! Be sure to pass this story along in the meantime, though. Whether you find the study to be true or not, you will definitely want to share it.

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