Study Suggests Letting Dogs Sleep In Bed Helps Chronic Pain Sufferers

If you are someone who suffers from issues that stem from chronic pain or you are having trouble sleeping, most experts would recommend sleeping without a pet. However, a recent study shows that this opinion may not be as bulletproof as people realize. According to the study in this story, chronic pain sufferers can actually benefit immensely from allowing dogs to share a bed with them.

University of Alberta researchers were aware of the fact that most health care providers were advising their patients against sharing their bed with their dogs. While this advice has been accepted by many for years, there is always a certain danger that comes along with received wisdom. As it turns out, the researchers found that the exact opposite was true.

There are a number of reasons why this is a helpful practice. For starters, the presence of a beloved pet is often useful when it comes to alleviating anxiety. Sleep issues are typically caused by some form of anxiety and having a pet close by can help. Physical contact and cuddling are great ways to feel a greater sense of relaxation before bedtime.

The dogs allow them to feel less anxious. This makes the process of drifting off to dreamland easier than ever before. The sense of well being that cuddling with a beloved dog can provide cannot be achieved in any other way. The brain releases positive hormones during cuddling that are conducive to healthy and natural sleep. This cannot be discounted.

The loneliness that chronic pain sufferers go through cannot be forgotten either. When losses take place in a person’s social circle, the presence of a pet can make a world of difference. This is why conventional wisdom needs to be challenged as often as possible. There are a few vital keys to getting a good night’s sleep as a chronic pain sufferer and spending time with a furry loved one is one of them.

Who knew that sharing a bed with your pet could be one of them? Dogs can also help us to regulate our sleep cycle by making sure that we get up and go to sleep at the same times each day. Patients need to start discussing their bedtime routines with their physicians in a more in depth manner. Be sure to check out the results of this study if you would like to learn more.

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