Teach your child how to use a potty in only 3 days. Here’s how

Parents who have had to potty train their children in the past often find themselves frustrated and the process often seem to take forever and a day. But did you know that there are much faster methods that can be used to your distinct advantage? There is a process known as the Fellom technique that more and more parents are turning to.

While this method is definitely not easy to implement, it will definitely cut down on the amount of time you spend on this rather arduous process. The child needs to be naked from the waist down and the child is not to wear any underwear.

For best results, this method should be used during a three day period when the parent is able to spend the entire time quarantined in the home with the child. The child can still wear a diaper at night, extra potties must be placed in every room of the home, you’ll need to carry extra wipes and diapers and socks/heating are needed if the home is chilly.

Day one will consist of keeping the child bottomless, giving them snacks and drinks to induce bathroom usage, taking them to the bathroom with you, praising them from using the potty alone and placing them on the potty instead of asking.

Day two consists of the same tactics, but you will want to bring your child outside during the day. They can go outside with loose pants on and your objective is to make it outside and back without an accident taking place.

Day three is also more of the same and the goal should be to have have two trips outside and back without a single accident. Have the child use the restroom inside of the home beforehand and bring extra clothing in case an emergency arises. Please pass this along to your friends and family who find themselves in the same predicament.

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