Teacher Wins $1 Million, Says She’ll Give To School. Then Security Cam Catches Her Red-Handed

Nancie Atwell is a teacher from Maine who came into a small fortune when she was awarded with the first ever Global Teacher Prize. The prize came with a million dollar bonus attached and Nancie promised to donate the money to a school that she had funded, as opposed to keeping it for herself. The K-8 independent demonstration school is known as the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Ever since she won the award (and the prize money that comes with it), her public reputation has taken a fairly severe beating. While she appeared to have followed through on the promise that she made to donate the monies, she has behaved in a manner that is causing to run into various troubles with the law in other areas of her life.

Can you believe that she was caught on camera shoplifting all of two years after she received the million dollar prize? Security cameras at a local Ames True Value Hardware caught her red handed, as Nancie was seen taking a leash that cost a mere $28 and stuffing into her bag. She was contacted by an employee in the wake of this incident and promised to return the stolen leash to its rightful owners.

A police officer was waiting for her upon her return and a court summons was issued. Apparently, this teacher seems to have a pretty bad case of sticky fingers. She was also caught stealing a $15 blouse from a local department store last April. When she was arrested for shoplifting the first time, she pleaded guilty and was given a deferred deposition. This meant that the case would not remain on her record if she remained on the right side of the law until 2018.

While the consequences for her latest theft have yet to be made public, the implication seems fairly clear: Nancie is now going to have face the music for both of her shoplifting incidents. Since the items that she has stolen are relatively inexpensive, it is easy to see that it is not about the money for her. She likely would have continued to steal, even if she had kept the prize money for herself.

Shoplifting turns into a compulsive behavior in many instances and those who decide to break the law receive a rush from this activity that they cannot replicate anywhere else. We sincerely hope that Nancie gets help for this issue.

Sources: Miami Herlad / Herald Online

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