Teen getting ready for prom noticed red dots on her legs, then Dr. forces her into isolation

For the majority of teenagers, prom is one of the most special nights of their lives and an evening that they will not soon forget. Unfortunately for the teen in this story, prom night became memorable for all of the wrong reasons and while all of the other students were in their best finery, she was dealing with a rare medical condition.


Corinne is from Michigan and when she was just 18 years old, doctors noticed that she had developed red dots on her legs. She was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder known as aplastic anemia and was required to start treatments immediately.


Her condition caused her body to stop producing white and red blood cells and she experienced an extreme amount of fatigue as a result. Uncontrolled bleeding and infections are also far more common for those who experience this condition and if it is allowed to go untreated, it is potentially fatal.


After several months of treatment, doctors let her know that she would need a bone marrow transplant in order to fully overcome the problems that were taking place. Due to the length of her stay, she was in danger of missing out on prom season and all of fun that this time of year has to offer.


Since she was unable to go to the prom because of the risks associated with even a simple infection, the hospital decided to bring the prom to her and the results are as heartwarming as they are beautiful. They chose a 1920s theme and Corrine was given a limousine ride and a gorgeous flapper dress to wear.


We want to send a special shout out to this amazing hospital and we also hope that our readers share this story with all of their closest friends and family members, so that they can also appreciate the lengths this hospital went to for a patient in need of some cheering up.

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