Teen girl does a common beauty trick. Wakes up the next morning with her eyes swollen shut

The cosmetics industry is one of the largest in the world. The global cosmetics business has now grown into a billion dollar enterprise. Last year’s grossed approached nearly half a trillion dollars and these numbers are expected to continue rising. Tylah is much like any other 16 year old girl. She takes a great deal of pride in her looks and loves trying out all of the latest cosmetics.

When she decided that it was time to tint her eyelashes and eyebrows, she went to a local drug store to purchase the necessary items. She procured the hair dye she needed and set about the common task, never expecting what was about to take place. Sadly, she did not take the time to read the box and find out more about the chemicals that the dye contained.

She did not know that the dye was not meant to be used anywhere near her eyes. The hair dye contained a chemical known as PPD and those who have received henna tattoos are well aware of its existence. In order to make sure that you are not allergic to this chemical, experts recommend testing the dye on a small area of your skin. This will allow you to find out whether you are prone to any sort of breakouts or allergic reactions.

Sadly, Tylah did not take the time to do so. She woke up the next day to a swollen face and was also experiencing partial blindness. According to Tylah, her ears felt as if someone had thrown a fistful of sand into them. The dye’s chemicals had burned her skin badly, but she was able to visit a doctor in short order. From there, a prescription ointment reduced the swelling.

There is nothing wrong with using makeup to enhance your looks. However, it is also important for young girls to remain safe. That’s why Tylah has gone public with her story. She hopes that her struggles will not have to be experienced by any other young ladies. Every woman is gorgeous in her own right and we urge you to share this story with anyone that you know who uses hair dye on a regular basis.

You simply never know when you might be saving someone’s life (or their eyesight). By taking the time to pass this story along, you can help other young ladies avoid the type of reaction that Tylah experienced.

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