Teen is abducted as a sex slave, then flight attendant see a note written on the bathroom wall


The prospect of human trafficking is something that should sicken all of us to our very core and while we do not always have the ability to put a stop to it, there are more chances to be a hero than you may have realized, as the flight attendant in this story would soon learn.

This amazing tale took place on an Alaska Airlines flight, as the flight attendant was preparing her passengers for a trip from Seattle to San Francisco. Sheila Frederick saw a young passenger who appeared to be in a great deal of distress and in her mind, something was not right.


The girl was about 15 years old in the estimation of Shelia, as she recounted the incident that took place back in 2011. She looked as if she had been through quite an ordeal and was in the company of a much older man who refused to let her speak or answer any questions on her own.

The fact that the young girl was poorly dressed and looking disheveled while the older man was well dressed and properly composed made alarm bells go off in Shelia’s mind. She told the girl to head to the bathroom, where a note had been left on the mirror.


When she got to the bathroom, she wrote on the note that she was in need of help. From there, the flight crew alerted the local authorities who made their way to the terminal and were ready to apprehend the man when he landed.


Hundreds of thousands of children are exposed to the horrors of human trafficking each and every year and without the assistance of Good Samaritans like Shelia, this problem will only continue to worsen. If you see something, it is your responsibility to say something, so that human traffickers can be brought to justice.


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