Teen Reported Her Boss For Sexual Harassment And He Retaliated Like A Total Child

As Hollywood falls apart in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, more and more people are taking to social media to voice their experiences with sexual harassment and assault. You might have noticed an increasing amount of women using the hashtag #metoo in the past week, and there’s a good reason behind it. In hopes of bringing to light just how widespread the problem of sexual harassment and sexual abuse really is, women are feeling empowered to let others know that they are not alone.

But long before the #metoo campaign came to be, one brave teen took control of her own situation and called out her harasser in an attempt to get him fired for his unwanted advances. How the man decided to react is truly appalling.

Emily Houser began working at her local Chili’s restaurant when she was just 16. It wasn’t long before her overseeing manager, Joshua Davidson, began showing an increased interest in the underage employee.

Facebook / Emily Houser

Davidson began showing up outside Houser’s home and school with money and other gifts, all of which the woman rejected. This constant harassment continued for nearly two years before Davidson moved his attention to another young girl. Having endured his advances and now having to witness her manager do the same thing to another girl, Houser decided she’d had enough and reported her boss to the corporate office.

Following an investigation, rather than firing the man, Chili’s decided to move Davidson to a nearby restaurant. But Houser hadn’t seen the last of her old boss. Because Davidson was a beloved manager, most of the staff at her own restaurant began to turn on Houser and took Davidson’s side in the case. The mounting tension ultimately forced Houser to quit.

Facebook / Emily Houser

Houser’s former coworkers and Davidson didn’t stop there, though. Taking to social media, they shared a photo of an offensive cake that Davidson and the coworkers ate during a party celebrating her quitting. After discovering the posts on Instagram, Houser again contacted the corporate headquarters. Davidson was then fired.

Facebook / Emily Houser

The brave young lady has since been met with support from total strangers who applaud her for stepping up and making her voice heard.

Twitter / SeeingDubL

While Houser was brave enough to speak out against her harasser, not everyone is able to open up about their personal experiences, and that is more than okay. We believe you, we support you, and we will continue fighting until sexual harassment is no longer the norm.


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