Teen with disease gets dumped by boyfriend when he sees her without makeup on

In a perfect world, every single one of us would find someone who truly loved us for who we were on the inside, as opposed to what we look like on the outside. Unfortunately, the world is still full of people who judge a book by its cover and the teen girl that you are about to meet learned this lesson the hard way.

Sophia Ridlington lives in the United Kingdom and she is a teenage girl just like any other. She has her friends and hobbies that keep her content and while she is the furthest thing from perfect, she is more than happy to be the person that she is, regardless of what anyone else may think.

However, she suffers from a skin condition that is known as psoriasis and while there are a number of people who have it, she allowed herself to become insecure. As a result, she began to cover her face with a sizable amount of makeup each day before leaving the house, so that no one would notice.

One day, Sophia made the decision to show her boyfriend her true self, without all of the makeup and he left her as a result. While she was heartbroken in the moment, she realized that she did not need someone like this in her life.


Going through all of this at such a young age has given Sophia a unique sense of resiliency and she recognizes the importance of embracing imperfections. It is what is on the inside of a person that is most important, not what is on the outside and Sophia learned this lesson much more quickly than most of us.


Sophia is now studying to become a cosmetologist and her story is inspiration to all those who have faced similar predicaments. Be sure to pass this amazing tale along to your friends and family members.

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