Teenage Students Help Rescue Animals Escaping California Wildfires

A Napa Valley farm recently became the epicenter for one of the most incredible stories that we have ever seen. The small farm was supposed to offer teenage students a crash course in animal husbandry. However, they received a crash course that they never could have expected. As wildfires sweep through the California countryside, it has become an ‘all hands on deck’ situation.

The students have been put to work. Animals and livestock at the farm where their lessons were taking place were in severe danger. Vintage Farm is where the students were learning about animal husbandry when the fires broke out. Once the wildfires began to spread, the students and their instructor knew that they would need to help. Animals that had been displaced by the fires were going to require new homes.

There are a wide range of animals that have found their way to this farm when they were in desperate need of shelter. In addition to the dogs and cats, there are also goats and llamas from nearby farms that must be helped. The class is responsible for the rescue of dozens of horses as well. The fires spread so rapidly, many of the farmers were unable to do anything to assist their animals.

In many instances, they were turned loose and expected to fend for themselves. Vintage Farm has become a de facto emergency shelter. As a result, the students at this farm have been given a unique opportunity. They are responsible for feeding the animals who have taken refuge here. They’ve also learned more about how to support the nearby farms that are in need of help.

Emmalee Casillas is the instructor of this class. She and her students have gone above and beyond to assist the animals. Many of the students have slept in their cars and the class once worked for 24 consecutive hours without taking a break. According to Casillas, the kids have to be told to go home. They are dedicated to saving as many of the animals who have been affected by the wildfires as possible.

They have started a Go Fund Me to raise funds for the animals who’ve been displaced by the fires. Please share this story to raise awareness about this class’ efforts. We hope that every animal that was adversely affected by these wildfires is able to find sanctuary soon.

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