The Terrifying Reason Why People Shouldn’t Feed Bread To Ducks

If you are someone who likes to head to the local park and throw pieces of bread to the ducks who are hanging out at the pond, this story will change your entire point of view on the matter. When we see people sitting by the water and tossing out bread to the ducks, it seems like a very nice gesture. But did you know that this seemingly kind activity can have dire consequences?

The bread that is purchased at our local supermarket might allow us to receive the nourishment that we require, but it is actually terrible for birds. Since this bread is full of carbohydrates, it does not offer the ducks the nutrition that they need in order to survive. The carbs are highly processed and this adversely affects the animals’ health as well.

Once the ducks become used to receiving food from the humans that live in the area, they become dependent on these meals and this stops from seeking out food on their own. This leads to further problems for the ducks, because they are unable to turn down all of the unhealthy foods that humans are bound to offer them. Potato chips and popcorn tend to become a part of their diet as well.

Ducks who eat items like these tend to become very sickly and malnourished. Baby ducks are especially adorable and we cannot always resist the urge to feed them. But these animals are especially susceptible to the issues that are caused when ducks are fed people good. They need to be working on their own foraging skills, so that they can become proficient in finding their own healthy meals.

Small fish, snails and insects are the best foods for a young and growing duck to enjoy and when you feed them bread, this removes their desire to forage for these items. Do not worry about the ducks being too hungry, as these items can easily be found anywhere. If you would still like to feed the ducks and you want to give them healthy options, bring chopped lettuce, corn, peas or earthworms.

Be sure to only give them small amounts, so that they do not become overly dependent on humans for food. Please share this story, so that awareness can be raised about the importance of keeping people food away from these ducks. All it takes is one share to potentially save the life of one innocent bird.

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