The ‘Panty Challenge’ Is The Latest Social Media Trend, Here’s Why You Should Ignore It


Social media is a great tool for linking with like minded people and exploring shared interests and it is also great for keeping in touch with old friends and family members. However, those who do not use it to speak with friends or raise awareness about important causes find themselves partaking in silly challenges all too often for our liking.


While there are definitely hashtag challenges that are important to modern society and highly necessary, there are some that we wish would go away for good and this just might be the worst one that we have seen to date.


The “panty challenge” is exactly what it sounds like and the concept of young ladies taking pictures of underwear that they are currently wearing and posting them to the Internet is disgusting, juvenile and just plain wrong all around.

The worst part of all is that the challenge isn’t even meant to prove a real point. The challenge started as a way for women to prove that their panties stay dry throughout the day and this hardly seems like the most noble pursuit that people could be focusing on.


Vaginal discharge is 100 percent normal and no woman should be reasonably expected to remain completely dry throughout the day. A challenge like this one is already asinine enough enough as is and the reasoning behind it is even more foolish than what our readers might have initially expected.


Fortunately, cooler heads have prevailed and women everywhere are taking to social media to clap back at the goofballs who are perpetuating the idea that a woman’s vagina always needs to stay dry. While there are some idiots out there who live for the wrong sort of attention and come up with dumb ways to receive it, there are still people who know better than to fall in with the crowd.

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