They adopt a blind cat, then take him to the shelter so he can find his best buddy


Martin the cat is blessed to have a family that truly cares about him and this is a story that will definitely warm your heart. His eyes ruptured because of an infection and he required surgery in order to survive. While most cats would struggle to find a forever home in this scenario, Martin was adopted by Raye and Markeeta.

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The only downside to this adoption was that their resident cat, who answers to Miss Kitty, did not like Martin one bit. Since she had been the only cat that lived in the house for 14 years, she was used to having the place to herself and did not appreciate the unwanted company.


Martin knew that he was not wanted and the poor little fella would even cry outside the door while Miss Kitty hissed away at him. Raye and Markeeta decided that they should try their best to find Martin a friend that would be willing to care about him and not wish him away.


When Martin arrived, he was brought into a waiting room and a series of cats were brought out to meet him. Mr. Pinkerton, a tuxedo cat with a uniquely sweet personality, immediately hit it off with Martin and it was clear to see that the two would become fast friends.


The two are a match made in heaven and have become inseparable since returning to their forever home. They now share their very own kitty bed and cannot stand to kept apart from each other. The only crying Martin does these days happens when he is forced to spend time without his brother.

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Would you like to see more of these two cute kitties in action? The video below offers ample opportunity for you to appreciate their antics and you should definitely share this adorable clip with your friends and family on Facebook.


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