This dog has been adopted and returned to the shelter 11 times, then they finally realize why

Gumby the dog is from South Carolina and this pup cannot seem to find a home to call his own. He’s a white hound and thanks to his escape ability, the Charleston Animal Society that knows him best refers to him as a “Houdini” of sorts. Every time he was sent to a rescue home, he would run away and this behavior was confounding to all observers.

The stray dog first arrived in 2014 and while he was adopted by a caring human in short order, he was returned to the shelter within three days. While his next adoption went a little bit better, Gumby was still returned to the shelter within six days and even his third owner brought him back quickly.


Gumby continued to come and go and was returned to the good people at Charleston Animal Society on two more occasions: once by a local good Samaritan and once by an animal control official. His escape mentality confounded everyone and they could not figure why he was continually running away.

The shelter stuck by Gumby and refused to give up on him, but the situation was starting to become bleak. He was even another three chances to make it work at a forever home! According to his track record, he has come and gone from the Charleston Animal Society a whopping 11 times overall.


Gumby’s objective was not to cause trouble, though, and eventually the people at CAS came to a realization that was obvious in retrospect: he was best suited to spend his life there and had never tried to escape once. He helps other animals with their anxiety and is a blood donor for dogs and cats in need.

We are glad that he’s finally found his true home and we wish him all the best. Be sure to pass this incredible story along to your friends and family members.

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