This Guy Cheated On ‘The Price Is Right’ And Made Them Change Their Entire System

Whether you are someone who is home during the day or you have fond memories of the show from childhood, The Price Is Right is a venerable institution that we are all very familiar with. Linda Kniess and her husband Terry attended a taping of the popular game show and what happened next will shock you.

They came up with a clever plan to help them garner some more cash and you will be hard pressed not to appreciate the ingenuity. The dynamic duo noticed that the same products were used again and again and that the prices remained stagnant as a result.


From there, they simply memorized all of the prices and even kept index cards to help them recall each one. They studied the cards and gave themselves tests to make sure that they knew their stuff and when they headed to the aforementioned taping, they were in a great position to haul in some extra cash.


While Terry was able to make his way from Contestant’s Row to the Showcase Showdown with ease, these prices differed a bit. But he noticed a certain pattern with these items and thanks to his clever tactics, he nailed the Showcase Showdown price, right down to the exact dollar amount.


Host Drew Carey was certain that Terry had cheated and while it may seem as if he did, there is nothing in the show’s rules stating that a viewer cannot memorize the product prices from earlier shows. This story should serve an inspiration to those of us who partake in daytime game shows.


While The Price Is Right has now altered their prizes to keep this from happening again, perhaps this story might inspire you to do some sleuthing of your own and find out more about how to earn some additional folding money. With the proper attention to detail and the right amount of concentration, you too could earn yourself a hefty payday.

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