This is what happens when a roomba meets a pile of dog poop at 1:30 a.m.

Dog owners are very familiar with that scent of dog poop that will greet you when you walk into a room. Poor Jesse woke up in the middle of the night to this odor last year and we do not envy what this Arkansas resident was forced to experience on any level.

He could not find the source of the scent initially, but when his little boy climbed into bed with him, the situation became all too clear. Jesse got up from bed and walked into the living room to investigate….the scene that he was met with is enough to make your stomach turn.


The dog had a living room accident and while this would already be bad enough, the Roomba that was assigned to the task of cleaning it up seemed to have had an accident of its own. The Roomba failed to handle the task and as a result of this failure, Jesse’s living room had turned into a waking nightmare.

Not only did Jesse have to clean all of the poop off of his child, but the dog and the living room itself would also need to be cleaned. Fortunately, he had a very good sense of humor about the situation and was willing to laugh it off.


He had to take the Roomba apart in order to restore it to the proper working order, as it became filled with all sorts of poop debris. This story has a happier ending than you might expect, though, as the man called the company that provided his warranty. The lifetime warranty allowed him to receive a much needed replacement….100 percent free of charge!

If you would like to find out more about this hilariously awful story for yourself, be sure to watch this video so that you can see it firsthand!

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