To protect rhinos, this National Park has shot and killed over 50 poachers


When it comes to keeping animals safe from poachers, there are a number of laws that have been passed on the matter, but unfortunately, there will always be people who are willing to break them. That’s why one park has taken a unique approach to dealing with this ongoing problem.

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Kaziranga National Park aims to protect their rhinos at all costs and they have decided on a solution that might be considered a little bit controversial. Their workers have been empowered to take out poachers who are not willing to heed the laws that have been put into place to stop their reprehensible actions.


Yes, you read the previous sentence correctly, the workers are given permission to shoot poachers and even kill them if necessary. As a result of these new regulations, the park has already been responsible for the death of 50 would be poachers.

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The Indian one horned rhinoceros has been endangered for the past century, but thanks to the efforts of this park, the population has increased considerably and they are currently housing over 2,000 one horned rhinoceros. In 2015 alone, more people were killed by the park’s guards than rhinos killed by poachers.


Rhinos are targeted by poachers because of their horns, which can fetch a small fortune when they are sold on the black market. They are considered to be more expensive than gold and they are marketed to a number of different audiences, as some view them as a cure for erectile dysfunction or even cancer.

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This story definitely opens the door for further conversation, as there are bound to be those who do not see this solution as being humane, while others feel as if it is the perfect idea to keep these animals safe. Be sure to share this story with your friends and family, so that you can debate as to whether this punishment is justified.


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