Toddler Can’t Standup, So Dad Rushes To The ER Where Doctors Find The Cause In Her Head

Real life experience often provides us with better training than any job could and this is a lesson that will not soon be lost on one incredible family. The Lewis family resides in eastern Oregon and when their infant daughter Evelyn experienced a severe illness that seemed to take place overnight, they were at a loss as to what was going on.

The child was experiencing paralysis and had also become very lethargic. Eventually, Evelyn even lost her ability to stand and we cannot even begin to fathom how frightening of an experience this must have been for her parents.

Her parents did not know what else to do and as a result, they resorted to recording a video of her when her symptoms were most visible. They sent the clip to their closest friends and loved ones, in hopes that they could successfully diagnose what was taking place in front of their very eyes.

They brought her to the emergency room after the video was recorded and they were fortunate enough to visit with a doctor who had seen cases like theirs in the past. Thanks to the aforementioned life experience factor, the doctor quickly surmised that a tick may be to blame.

The doctor had already seen cases like this in a number of other young patients and once he had combed through Evelyn’s hair, a tick was found almost immediately. Tick paralysis moves through the human body very quickly and when the condition is not remedied, the patient could perish.

Evelyn was rescued in the nick of time and while this little girl is going to be all right, we urge you to share the following video with your closest friends and loved ones. After all, you just might end up saving a life in the process!

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