Tornado wipes out entire animal farm, then storm chaser spot something in the rubble

Storm chasers do not always receive the credit that they truly deserve, but without their tireless dedication to their craft and their fearless nature, we would not possess the level of knowledge that we currently have about storms. Their work is highly valuable, but there is certainly a major element of danger involved and this fact cannot be ignored.

The situations that storm chasers find themselves in are very nerve wracking. When Jason, his friend Matt and his wife Savannah went to the eastern side of Texas to chase storms in a town called Canton, they never could have expected what would happen next. As soon as the storm came their way, Jason had his camera out and was ready to capture all of the necessary footage.

This area of Texas was struck by one of the worst storms of recent memory and Jason’s team tracked it for an hour before the tornadoes it would produce began to wreak havoc on the surrounding areas. One of the tornadoes headed towards a populous area and did a great deal of damage in the process. Once the tornado passed, the extent of the destruction would soon become clear.

The demolished town was a sad sight to see and Jason was eventually flagged down by a local woman who was yelling for assistance. Her name was Sally and she had owned a farm full of exotic animals that has destroyed by the storm. Some of the animals had gone missing and some of the animals were very badly hurt.

A baby horse had become trapped underneath a fallen fence and various other forms of debris. While Jason was able to grab the animal’s hind legs and pull the creature out from under the debris, the horse was still having trouble getting to its feet. From the looks of it, the baby horse was shaken up by the storm and its resulting ordeal. Fortunately, a hero came along at the perfect moment.

Would you like to check out additional footage of this amazing baby horse rescue and the storm that caused this chain of events to take place? If so, please be sure to watch this incredible clip and pass it along to your friends and loved ones once you have reached the exciting conclusion. Awareness needs to be spread about storm chasers and the important purpose that they serve in our society.

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