The Truth Behind Your Favorite Instagram Photos

Instagram has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years and it is totally understandable why a person would want to join a social media site that is all about projecting a brand new personality out into the world. However, it is important to remember that these photos are merely just what the person wants us to see and to not always take them at face value.

Chompoo Baritone is a photographer who resides in Thailand and he has made it his mission to showcase just how misleading Instagram photos can be. One of the main criticisms that is levied against the popular social media hub is its ability to provide users with the tools that they need to create a false perception of themselves and trick their followers into thinking that their life differs from their true reality.

All it takes is a small amount of knowledge when it comes to cropping photos to turn the most mundane picture into a thing of beauty. Other savvy Instagram users will rely on filtering in order to make their pictures look special. Popular online personalities such as Hipster Barbie and Tilda Linham have called attention to some of these photos, calling out users who put on airs.

Baritone’s photos serve as a great sociological commentary, as one user who is getting a boost from a friend has used cropping to make it look like they are standing on their head and another has cropped a photo of their meal to make themselves look far more cultured than they really are. This is not to mention the one soul who decided to crop their kitty (and messy bedroom) out of one photo.

The Internet is littered with deceiving images and we wish that people would stop working overtime to convince us that their lives are worthy of envy. What’s wrong with actually sharing the beach with your fellow man? According to the girl in this crop job, everything! Heaven forbid your Instagram followers would find out that you share public places with the rest of us peasants and regular folk.

Please share this story as a friendly reminder that Instagram is for people who wish to share their lives with the world in photographic form, not people who wish to manipulate a series of photos in hopes of tricking others. We’ve all got our own lives to live, but for some, it seems as if it is far more important to convince others of their awesome existence than it is to actually live one.

Facebook (h/t: demilked, ufunk)

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