How To Turn Your Windshield Wipers Into Light Sabers

If you are a Star Wars fan and you have gotten tired of driving the same old vehicle every day, this latest innovation allows you to avoid falling into a rut. Fans of the films will make their way through traffic in style with one simple alteration. These light saber windshield wipers are now available for a very affordable price and they are rapidly becoming all the rage.

They come in a wide range of styles and colors. If you are worried about the pricing structure of these wipers, fear not! With prices that start at $13.95, there is a light saber wiper available for every budget. Even those of us who are not Star Wars fans may want to stock up for the upcoming holiday season. After all, we’ve all got a Star Wars fan (or two) in our family.

These wipers make for the perfect Christmas present and they are also a wonderful birthday idea. You have a number of laser styles to choose from as well. Some may want to select a Laser Gun Blaster, while there are others who have their eye on the DarkForce Red Saber. Can you believe that there are even Pink Sabers available? They have truly thought of everything, haven’t they?

Those who purchase the Pink Sabers are doing their part to fight breast cancer. The proceeds from the sales of these sabers are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and you will also receive a window decal. Reflective WipeSabers are another popular choice. They are available in three different colors and make for fun nighttime driving by glowing in the dark.

The sabers are designed to be placed on the back window of your automobile. The sizing is universal and designed to fit on 99 percent of vehicles. The materials that are used to construct the light saber wipers is also UV resistant. This keeps the wipers from experiencing long term damages such as peeling, fading or cracking.


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