Two Husbands Used Labor Simulators To Prove To Their Wives That Giving Birth ‘Isn’t a Big Deal’

Women everywhere always remind men that they are unable to understand the true agony that is associated with childbirth and while most men are more than willing to accept this reality and move on with their lives, there are others who feel the need to disprove this notion. Now, there is a device called the “labor simulator” that allows men who are looking to prove their mettle to step forward and do just that.

You might be asking yourself why any man would ever voluntarily choose to experience this pain if they did not have to. But for the two men in this story, the reason was actually rather simple. They are the most macho of men and they wanted to prove to the women of the world that they could handle the pain and suffering associated with childbirth.

As if this were not silly enough, the men also decided that they had to film this escapade for the world to see. The simulation is performed by attaching electrodes and they are set on a lower level during the early stages. Even the lowest levels of pain caused the men to blanch, as one husband compared it to having his abdomen carved up with a saw.

Once the level of the shocks were intensified, the men soon realized that they had bit off a bit more than they could. When one of the husbands tells a nurse that he feels as if he is experiencing a seven on the pain scale, she is more than ready to inform him that he is merely at a four. The stunt even took place on Mother’s Day, for added kicks.

A gynecologist and a nurse were on hand to oversee the event. The best twist of all? The wives were the ones who were forced to provide moral support to their sad hubbies by the time this was all said and done. The most priceless part of the story (for our money) is when the pain reaches a point where one of the men claims he is going to throw up.

Let this story be a lesson to all of the macho men out there who cannot accept the strength of a woman. If not for the toughness of women and their ability to handle an astonishing amount of pain, none of us would be here…literally. It is important for men everywhere to remember that.

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