Uber driver quickly realizes she is driving her boyfriend’s ‘side chick’


This woman works as an Uber driver and while her profession allows her to converse and meet with various interesting people, she never could have predicted what would happen one day while she was on the job and fortunately, she decided to share the story with her Twitter followers….and of course it went viral.


She was enjoying a typical day of work when she was driving a woman to her chosen destination. While this story may seem fairly ho hum so far, it has a shocking twist that very few readers are going to be able to see coming, no matter how hard they try to figure it out.


She said goodbye to her boyfriend before she left for work and she was under the impression that he would be leaving town to go visit a sick relative in New York. However, this was merely a white lie that would set the stage for an absolutely unbelievable occurrence to take place.


The woman even helped her boyfriend to pack his car full of suitcases, which turned out to be empty, and everything seemed to be on the up and up. One of her first fares of the day was a woman who needed to be picked up from the airport and little did she know what she was in for!


The woman that she was driving turned out to be headed to her boyfriend’s house and his story was a complete and total farce. When she realized what was happening, she got out of the car and started to beat her lying boyfriends. When the mistress saw what was taking place, she lunged to his defense and left her luggage behind in the process!


The story did have a happy ending, as it led to the end of this awful relationship. For her boyfriend’s sake, we do hope that he learns how to be much smarter about his cheating in the future and we also hope you share this hilarious tale with your friends and family members.


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