Vegas Shooting Survivor Gives Birth To Baby Boy. Gives Him A Name To Honor Victims

Markie was slated to give birth to her son just one week before the Route 91 Harvest Festival. She elected to go to the concert anyways and figured that she would have fun with her boyfriend and his brother. In her mind, they would have a great time and maybe the baby would be motivated to pop out as well. As they were enjoying the music of Jason Aldean, the unthinkable took place.

Shots started to ring out and they had no idea where they were coming from. What transpired from there was the single deadliest mass shooting in the history of our country. Markie’s boyfriend Travis has a military background. He was able to act on these instincts and lead his loved ones to shelter. While Travis’ brother Cody took a bullet to the shoulder, all three of them made it out alive.

They were taken to the hospital and released not long after. Within a mere two days, Markie found herself back at the hospital when it was time to give birth to her son. Even though the child had experienced a sizable amount of chaos, he emerged from the womb fully healthy. Travis and Markie then had to decide on a name for their new bundle of joy.

The name that they decided upon was Wyatt. The name came with its very own special meaning. It is derived from Old English and means “brave”. This little boy’s birth symbolized the light at the end of the tunnel and it is safe to say that this couple will never be taking him for granted. In a tragedy where so many lives were taken, they know just how lucky they are.

They are thankful that they made it through this horrific event in one piece. One thing is for sure: they will definitely have an awesome story to tell Wyatt about the circumstances of his birth. We wish that we could be a fly on the wall for that conversation when he is old enough to truly understand. The family is now spending time at home, enjoying each other’s company.

As for Travis’s brother Cody, he is also expected to make a complete recovery from his gunshot wound. These Vegas shooting survivors are providing all of us with a reason to smile during a very difficult time. Please be sure to share this story with your friends and loved ones.

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