This Video of a Restaurant Fish Still Moving Might Just Make You a Vegetarian

Those of us who enjoy eating meat do not need to receive any reminders about where the meat actually comes from. However, the universe will sometimes choose to tap us on the shoulder and let us know exactly where our food is coming from anyways. This Japanese restaurant is quick to let us know that food can still move, even when we think that it is ready to be eaten.

This clip is strange and quite possibly a little bit disturbing for some viewers. You need to simply be glad that the food is typically killed off before it has a chance to reach your plate. While some might be very impressed with the fish’s vitality, there are others who will find the clip to be very haunting and decide that it is time to match the switch to salads once and for all.

We understand just how freaky this moment might appear to be for some, but we are here to assure that the animal is actually deceased. As it turns out, adding salt to a dead animal can cause movements to take place that are startlingly lifelike. The salt causes the muscle to experience a contraction and this reaction is definitely kind of terrifying.

The animal is dead and is not experiencing any sort of pain, but the sodium will cause the creature to go through convulsions. While this might not make everyone feel better, it does provide some much needed background on the matter. A fish is able to feel pain, but this particular fish did not experience any suffering and this clip is perfectly humane.

This is the sort of clip that you probably didn’t think that you ever needed to see, but it is an interesting one nonetheless, isn’t it? If you are someone who has pondering the benefits of the vegan lifestyle, a video like this just might function as the final push that you need to make a serious change to your eating habits once and for all.

Meanwhile, you have other people who stand on the opposite side of this discussion and these people believe that they did not climb to the top of the food chain just to eat kale. A clip like this is definitely bound to inspire some very interesting discussion, so don’t be shy about passing it along to your closest friends and family members to receive further input.

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