Volunteers Couldn’t Believe What This Man Did While Surrendering His Dog To The Shelter

Seeing photos like these sickens us and the idea that someone would be willing to surrender their dog like this and be happy about it is hard to fathom. We understand that people are often forced to give up their pets for reasons that are beyond their control, but this man seems downright psyched to get rid of this dog and the animal’s facial expression only serves to make the photo that much more chilling.

Gordo the dog was finally freed from the clutches of his evil owner and given to the good people at Miami-Dade Animal Care Shelter. The two year old puppy had endured a difficult life at the hands of this owner and was clearly terrified of people as a result. It does provide us with some small level of solace to know that Gordo has finally been taken away from an owner who clearly doesn’t give a hoot about him one way or the other.

What possesses people to get dogs when they know that they do not truly care about them is something that we will never know. Anyone who thinks it is funny to hand their dog over like this does not actually deserve to have one and we hope that no one ever allows this man to own a pet again as long as he is alive. As for Gordo, he has already been neutered and the lab bulldog mix is now in need of a home.

With any luck, someone will take pity on poor Gordo and offer him a forever home as soon as possible. The prospect of living in a shelter for an extended period of time is something that doesn’t apply to any animal and we would like to think that a dog this cute would be able to attract his fair share of suitors.

If you would like to follow the story of Gordo a bit more closely and keep track of his whereabouts, be sure to follow the Urgent Dogs of Miami page on Facebook. Those who would like to find out more about being a foster parent to Gordo can send an e-mail to pets@miamidade.gov.

Take a moment to pass this story along to spread further awareness about the plight of Gordo. Hopefully, he will find a new family that won’t be so quick to toss him aside with a smile on their faces.

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