She Watches As Her Boyfriend Gets Down On One Knee In Front Of Sister With Down Syndrome

When you decide that you are going to marry that special someone who has become the apple of your eye, their family is a part of the deal. Those of us who already married certainly know full well that the other person’s family comes with them and that it is very much a package deal once you decide that you have found the person that you wish to walk down the aisle with.

The best way to show someone you love and cherish them is by showing the same respect to their family and the boyfriend in this story is already doing just that. Will had found the love of his life, but he also made one of the best friends that he will ever have in her younger sister Hannah. His longtime girlfriend is certainly not jealous of the dynamic duo.

Hannah has Down’s Syndrome and this does not stop her from being full of life. According to Will, she is one of the sweetest people that he has ever met and she never has an unkind word to say about anyone. Will met Ashley back in 2010 and the two hit it off almost immediately. He became closer and closer with Hannah as time passed and the special teenager has turned into a major part of his life.

Ashley made it clear from the beginning that dating her meant dating Hannah too, even bringing her younger sibling out on dates, so that Will knew she meant business. The trio regularly goes out together and enjoys various activities. Hannah has now grown very fond of Will as a result of his kindness and loves the fact that he can make always make her laugh.

When Will decided that it was time to marry Ashley, he knew that he would need to ask for Hannah’s permission first. He took Hannah and Ashley to a field of daffodils, got down on one knee and asked her if they could be best friends for all eternity. From there, he would get back down on one knee again to ask Ashley if she would be his lawfully wedded wife.

The photos from this proposal went viral and Will’s caring nature certainly deserves a great deal of respect. Most men would not go to such lengths in order to secure the approval of their girlfriend’s sister, but Will is not most men. Hannah is going to be a massive part of the wedding planning process and we cannot wait to see her in her white dress. We wish all of the best to this awesome trio going forward!

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