WD-40 does more than lubricate and protect from rust. Check out these 15 unexpected hacks

Did you know that WD-40 has a wide range of uses outside of the usual lubrication and rust prevention? Let’s take a closer look at the following hacks….

WD-40 can be used to assist you in avoiding splinters from old wooden handles. All it takes is a little lubricant to keep the handles from splintering and rotting.

If a ring gets stuck on your finger, all you need is a little WD-40 to slide that baby right off.

Stuck zippers are no longer an issue. Just spray WD-40, give it a little shimmy and watch the zipper become unstuck.

Pulling gum out of hair is made easy with WD-40. Pick a well ventilated area and be sure to close your eyes first.

Getting rid of powerful glue that is causing your fingers to stick together is as easy as one simple spritz.

Dog droppings ruining your shoes? Spray some WD-40 on the bottom and watch the doo doo slide right off.

Scuff marks can be removed in seconds, thanks to some WD-40 and a quick scrub.

If wasps are building nests on your property, be sure to spray WD-40 on these areas during the spring to keep them at bay.

To remove tea stains from counter tops, a little WD-40 and a sponge is all you need.

Preventive medicine is always the best. That’s why adding some WD-40 to your windshield before winter is a great idea for keeping the snow from having a chance to stick.

Your toilet bowl will remain squeaky clean with just a quick spray of WD-40 to remove unwanted gunk buildup.

License plates look brand new after a simple spray and wipe down has taken place.

Before winter begins, safeguard your shoes by applying a coat of the lubricant and wiping them off with a clean rag.

Crayon is removed from your walls with ease. Spray some WD-40 and use a rag to wipe the blemishes away.

Last but not least, the residue from stickers and price tags can be wiped away permanently with the use of the popular lubricant.

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