This Wedding Dress Will Be Worn By 12 Different Brides Over The Next Year. Here’s Why

When women spend their childhoods wondering when their dream wedding will occur and what it will look like, the vast majority are already going to have a wide range of specific details in mind. Unfortunately for these ladies, it is not always possible to have a true dream wedding and in many instances, finances have a way of derailing these dreams before they have been given the chance to come true.

Every woman dreams of walking down the aisle in the finest designer dress while a string quartet plays, but this is not always feasible. These items tend to cost a great deal of money and when you do not have access to the necessary funds, you are forced to adjust your dreams a little bit. Dawnetta Heinz knows this all too well and she came up with a perfect plan to assist cash strapped brides.

When she was moving from her home, she came across her old wedding dress and as someone who had experienced homelessness during the past, she knew what it was like to go without. She elected to donate the dress to women in need and created a Facebook post that was designed to spread the word. Dawnetta received no shortage of replies and she was left with a major decision to make.

Instead of selecting just one women from the group that replied to her ad, Dawnetta decided that 12 women should be able to enjoy the dress. These women all agreed that they would pass it along once they were finished and clean it as well. This dress is allowing a unique sisterhood to be formed and Arianna was the first woman to kick off this beautiful tradition.

The chain of friendships that has been established as a result of this dress is a beautiful thing to see and we are glad that Dawnetta made such a selfless choice. Valarie was the second woman in the chain and while she and her husband live paycheck to paycheck, she was still able to look like the princess that she truly is when it came time to walk down the aisle on her very special day.

Please share this heartwarming tale of generosity with all of the women in your life. Every woman deserves to feel like the belle of the ball when her wedding day arrives….regardless of her financial situation.

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