Wife Picks Up Her Dog’s Toy, Runs Inside Screaming When She Realizes What It Is

When Carla decided to enjoy a nice and relaxing dip in the hot tub at her California home, she certainly never could have expected what would happen next. While the dip itself came and went without incident, the true fireworks took place once she slipped back into her bathrobe and went to find her dog.

The dog was wandering about close by and when she decided to pick up one of the animal’s chew toys, what happened next sent her sprinting in absolute terror. It would soon became apparent to Carla that what she had touched was not actually a dog toy at all. She thought that she was grabbing up a hot dog shaped doggy toy, when in reality, the truth was far more sinister.

Carla let the toy go when she realized that it was not what she thought it was. However, she recoiled when it became apparent that the toy had remained on her. What she thought was a harmless toy that her dog had been playing with actually turned out to be a snake! As you can certainly imagine, this was quite a horrifying moment for poor Carla and she ran back into the house as fast as her legs would carry her.

Since it was dark outside at the time, Carla did not make the assumption that there would be snakes present. Her story provides us with a helpful reminder of the fact that snake attacks can take place at any time and any place. She is simply grateful that the snake was not able to locate any of her children and put them in harm’s way. Her husband was understandably baffled by the incident.

In his mind, who is the person who would actually be silly enough to lift up a snake? Once he had made sure that his wife was not injured by the serpent, he took a closer look at the security video footage to confirm Carla’s version of events. Luckily for us, he was willing to post the clip online afterwards and provide us with the chance to enjoy a hearty chuckle at his wife’s expense.

Thanks to her hilarious reaction, the clip has gone viral and we are glad that she lived through this interaction. This story could have ended much differently and Carla is definitely thanking her lucky stars that the snake did not attack. Check out this clip to find out more about this amazing story.

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