Wild rhino rushes up to a photographer, but even he couldn’t predict what happened next


While some people might be frightened to see a wild rhinoceros approach them, these animals are nothing to be afraid of and they have wants and desires just like their smaller and more domesticated counterparts. Believe it or not, wild animals simply want love and affection just like anyone else.


Garth de Bruno Austin learned this lesson firsthand as he was filming a movie that was designed to spark further conversation about the unethical animal poaching practices that take place in South Africa. He was approached by a wild rhino and the animal had a request that was most unusual.


If you have ever found yourself wondering whether a rhinoceros requires a little bit of tender, loving care every now and again, this video will show you a softer side of these seemingly brutish creatures.

At first, Garth thought that the rhino might want to have a closer look at his camera but after a few moments, it became obvious that the creature was only after one thing: a much needed belly rub! It is important to note that Garth had spent years building a certain level of rapport with the rhino before the animal felt comfortable enough to make such a request.


It is not in your best interests to attempt to rub the belly of a wild rhino on your own and if you find yourself with the urge to do so, please remember that you are placing yourself at serious risk of injury by doing so.


Those who are still having trouble believing that a wild rhinoceros would want a belly rub from a human are urged to watch this incredible video and see for themselves. While this is not an experience that most of us can relate to on a personal level, this amazing encounter needs to be seen by as wide of an audience as possible.

h/t BoredPanda

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