Wildlife official notices a black dot drilled into this rhino’s nose, then finds out what it’s for

Rhinos are one of earth’s most ancient species with many existing in the wild. Rhinos are only a generation away from becoming extinct because of illegal hunting and poaching.

Rhinos like Sudan the world’s last white Rhino are under 24-hour armed guard. With such a race against the clock, conservationists are taking drastic measures to to try and save the dwindling populations.
One recent attempt is to embed cameras inside the rhino’s horns.

Researchers say it is a painless procedure and allows them to monitor and track the rhinos on game reserves. By using a combination of GPS trackers, heart rate monitors and hidden cameras, wardens can be alerted and on site to foil an attack within minutes.

The video below shows just how the Rhino-cameras work and even has point-of-view footage. I really hope these become a key weapon in thwarting poaching outbreaks!

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