This Will Make You Never Want To Drink Water With A Lemon Wedge Again

When we head out to eat and are seated at our tables, one of the first questions that we are asked is whether we would like something to drink. In most instances, we are willing to bet that at least one member of your dining party will be ordering the old standby that is lemon water. The beverage has remained popular for years, as it is refreshing, crisp and according to various reports, good for you!

While lemon water serves a great way to cleanse our systems and keep our skin looking its best, there are a few things that you need to know about this beverage. Drinking lemon water is a wonderful weight loss method and we urge readers to drink as much of it as possible in their own home. However, a restaurant is the last place where you should be drinking lemon water and for good reason.

Those of us who dine out regularly and order water as their beverage would probably like to know why this drink has become such a danger. The truth will shock you. The Journal of Environmental Health has conducted a study and the results will sicken anyone who has ordered a lemon water from a restaurant anytime recently.

21 restaurants submitted 76 lemons for testing and it was discovered that at least 70 percent of the lemons were contaminated with various bacteria and viruses. ABC also conducted an investigation of their own and determined that half of the restaurants that had submitted lemons to be examined had offered them lemons that contained some form of human waste.

The reason for these findings happens to be a rather simple one: restaurants are not subject to stringent health standards when it comes to the garnishes that they use. Workers will usually grab lemons to place in your water without washing their hands first. This means that there is a pretty good chance any lemon that makes its way into your drink is probably covered in bacteria.

These findings are definitely a stomach turner, but fear not: our immune systems are typically strong enough to handle these contaminants. That probably comes as little solace to many, but in most instances, you are not being placed at serious risk of a serious infection. We will not blame anyone if they decided to opt out of ordering lemon water from here on out, though.

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