Woman Banned From Keeping Pets After Her Dog Burns Her Paws On Hot Pavement

This British woman has been forbidden from owning pets in the future and when you find out why, you will definitely understand why this decision was made. Kitty Karna is a German shepherd who experienced a very painful walk and her mother, a 53 year old resident of Gosport named Lesley, is responsible for causing the dog’s suffering. Concerned residents finally intervened and for very good reason.

The dog was out for a walk on a very hot day and her mother did not seem to realize that the poor porch was experiencing a great deal of pain. The hot pavement was scorching Kitty Karna’s feet and Lesley was showing little to no concern about this urgent matter. The animal ended up collapsing on the sidewalk and by the time she succumbed to the heat, blood had begun to start oozing from her paws.

Luckily for Kitty Karna, there were several concerned bystanders who did not hesitate to intervene. Not only did they step in to take care of the wounded animal, but they also confronted Lesley about her atrocious behavior. Can you believe that this woman showed little to no remorse throughout the entirety of this ordeal?

From the looks of it, she was not at all worried about the damage that she was doing to her dog’s health. Thanks to this group of good Samaritans, the dog was taken off the streets and put in a car to cool off on the way to the vet. She is now resting safely after having been given the fluids and medical attention that she so desperately needed.

Best of all, the RSPCA conducted an investigation and charged the woman for her crimes. After the court proceedings for the case were concluded, it was decided that Lesley not be allowed to own pets for at least five years. Sadly, Kitty Karna was unable to overcome the damage that was done by this horrible owner. She eventually succumbed to kidney failure and was eventually put to sleep as a result.

In addition to her five year pet ownership ban, Lesley will have to pay for all of the court fees associated with her case and must complete 80 hours of community service. Pet owners everywhere need to be sharing this story, so that no other dogs are forced to suffer in the same manner as Kitty Karna did.

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