Woman Builds 55-Inch Wide House To Get Revenge On Her Greedy Ex-Husband. Look How Livable It Is

This wife and her former husband used to reside in the normal sized home. When they decided to get a divorce, the husband decided that he was going to keep the house and in a very greedy (and petty) move, he elected to leave his ex-wive with the tiniest possible sliver of land. In his mind, there was nothing that she would actually be able to do with it.

Little did he know that this woman was much smarter than he had given her credit for and that she was willing to be just as petty as he was. She made a spiteful decision that you are going to find absolutely hilarious. She used the minuscule plot of land to construct a home that is all of 55 inches wide! The house was even designed with the intention of blocking her ex-husband’s views.

While this would already be enough to get people talking by itself, it is what she did to the interior of the home that has caused a bit of a stir.

The street view of the house is vastly different from the reality that awaits those who come closer. The home has now become a local tourist attraction because of just how unique the structure is.

The home was constructed back in 1925 and this woman is a true trendsetter, as she was able to complete this home before the new craze of tiny house living took over the planet.

The home has even been given an absolutely perfect nickname: The Spite House. The home only offers 860 square feet of room on the inside, but is shockingly spacious.

This house has even been split into separate floors with their own entrances, which allows those who reside here to rent out one of them to make a little spare cash. If you only saw the interior of this home, you would probably be shocked to learn that the inside was this lovely. You are able to place full sized furniture in the living room and there are even multiple bathrooms.

The kitchen is a little bit cramped, but offers an amount of space that is more than usable. Unfortunately for would be buyers, the home was already sold to a new resident last year, so you will have to wait for it to be placed back onto the market before you can submit your future bid!

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