Woman films otters at the zoo, then one otter holds up and sign that leaves her breathless

Kelly works as a journalist in the Denver area and when her bosses told her that she needed to cover an amazing feel good story over at the Denver Aquarium, she did not stop to question their request for even a second. She was ordered to head down and provide coverage to some very special otters and this is exactly what she did. The resulting story will definitely touch your heart.

These otters were certainly special indeed and they had devised a way to communicate with the outside world. When Kelly arrived on the scene, they had a message for her. She positioned her camera in the proper manner, so that she could get some great shots of them in action and the animals were more than happy to oblige her in her mission.

While you might be forgiven for thinking that this is the typical feel good story where a bunch of otters swim around in their confined area, these otters definitely stand apart from all of the others. The otters swam down to the bottom of their tank and much to Kelly’s astonishment, they were carrying a sign with them….a sign with a very important message that would leave her stunned.

The sign instructed her to take a look at the otters and then take a look at her man. Little did she know that this otter swim team’s effort had been coordinated beforehand by her boyfriend Mike. The note that the otters held up commanded her to look at the otters, look at him, look at the otters again and then look back at Mike one last time.

When she looked back at Mike for the second time, he was down on one knee behind her, holding a beautiful wedding ring. Even though the otters’ note also instructed her to say “yes” to Mike, we are pretty sure that she would not need any prodding in that regard. After all, how could someone ever say no to such an exceedingly adorable and well thought out proposal like this one?

If you would like to see this awesome proposal for yourself and get to know this couple (and their friendly otter pals), please check out this clip and pass it along to your friends and loved ones. We are willing to bet that you have never seen a proposal like this one before and that you probably never will again.

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