Woman Gets World’s Ugliest Engagement Ring, Asks Internet For Advice On How To Handle Situation

Many women wait their entire life for one particular special moment. It is the moment when our significant other gets down on one knee and asks for our hand in marriage. You probably have dreamed about it for most of your life, envisioning the location, the words that would be said and of course, the ring that is put on your finger.

What do you do, however, if your engagement ring isn’t exactly what you thought it would be? We don’t tend to talk about this very often but the truth is, over half of the women who get engaged are not satisfied with the engagement ring. This is according to a 2013 David’s Bridal study.

It sounds shallow when we hear it said outright because it is really just a piece of jewelry. Most of us would agree that a stable and happy marriage is much more important than something that slips on your finger.

Then again, marriage is an institution that is to last forever and the ring should last forever as well. Women should be able to look at the ring with a degree of happiness, not with dissatisfaction.

One woman posted a picture of her new engagement ring on Reddit and was asking for advice. She was excited about the prospect of getting married to her significant other but she couldn’t help but be upset about his bad taste in wedding rings.

“I was a bit nervous because I can be picky when it comes to jewelry, but I trusted that he would have enough resources and knowledge to make a wonderful choice,” she posted. “As it turns out, I hate the ring. Not just in a ‘It’s not really my style, but it’ll grow on me,’ way, but in a ‘Wow, this is ugly and I would never wear it,’ way. I feel absolutely awful for thinking this, but I can’t help it.”

She then began to itemize what was wrong with the ring. First of all, she described the ring as ‘huge and gaudy’. She continued: “like the sort of rings you see an old women wearing.” She also didn’t like the heart shape because she hates heart-shaped jewelry. An additional complaint was with the color, Amber.

“I just won’t understand why in the world he picked this ring out for me. It’s not my style at all and it’s clear he didn’t do any research,” she said. “I’m actually rather hurt by his choice because, to me, it shows a lack of care on his part.”

She knew that she was posting a controversial argument and there were going to be some haters that would call her shallow. Perhaps the most unusual part about this post is the fact that most people came on and automatically rolled their eyes, wondering how bad it could be.

When they saw the picture, however, they realized that she wasn’t exaggerating.

“I almost had a stroke when i saw the picture the first time,” one person commented.

“My favorite thing about this is that the ring is exactly as she describes it but you still get just, gobsmacked when you see it,” Someone else wrote.

After getting over the initial shock, she began to get some good advice on how to approach this situation with her fiancé. When you read down through the comments, it seems as if she eventually talked to him but we aren’t sure if she got a new ring. Maybe she will update the post someday.

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