Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos


Now that social media is becoming more and more prevalent, we are able to get to know some of our favorite celebrities on a whole new level and learn more about them. Thanks to Snapchat and Instagram, we can keep up with out favorite entertainers like never before and check out selfies on a regular basis.

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While most of us enjoy snapping photos of ourselves and uploading them for likes and commentary, celebrities are definitely not immune to this impulse. One women by the name of Celeste decided to recreate some of these shots and you will be dying of laughter by the time you are done checking them out.

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For example, we all know the curvaceous and sexy rap starlet Nicki Minaj because of her world famous rear end and this famous shot placed her assets (pardon the phrase) on full display. Celeste seems to be having just as much fun as Nicki did in her dutiful recreation.

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Here’s another recreation that will leave you wondering what the true point of the shot was. This woman may have you wanted you to appreciate her book collection, but in reality, it is her behind that becomes the focal point of the attention and Celeste is happy to mimic the pose.

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Some may remember the famous picture of Rihanna where she posed with a razor as she was shaving her armpits. Celeste decided to do her one better and pose with her razor, but with one major twist on the Rihanna formula: she is shaving her mustache instead!

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If these recreations made you laugh as much as we did, then sharing them with your friends and family should be an absolute no brainer. Her hilarious takes on these iconic poses will have you chuckling in spite of yourself and it is in your best interests to spread the love far and wide!

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