Woman Hilariously Recreates Celebrity’s Instagram Pictures

Comedian, Celeste Barber, has won an audience by parodying various famous Instagram photos. Let’s take a closer look at some of her finest recreations and the results that they produced.


Lady Gaga’s famous paddle board photo may have turned a few heads, but Celeste’s take may have turned even more.


Celeste cannot afford to ruin a full length jacket like Beyonce, so she did the next best thing instead.


The original photo was a hit with wine aficionados and Chelsea’s recreation is in a very similar vein.


Kim Kardashian wakes up looking sexy and Celeste is certainly no slouch in this department!


Selena Gomez enjoys her coffee, but Celeste has decided that she needs something just a bit stronger to face the day.


Celeste cannot seem to deft gravity here and has created a very relatable moment for all of us to enjoy.


Drawing a heart in the sand is for amateurs, as Chelsea has something a bit more risque in mind.


Doing your nails and avoiding cramps can be challenging, so Chelsea came up with a perfect solution.


It is hard to believe that Celeste is actually the one on the right, isn’t it? The resemblance is so uncanny!

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