This Woman Made A Sweet Sacrifice For A Sickly Puppy

Can you imagine stepping up to assist someone that you have not even met? Hayley Baer certainly can. When she found out about a local puppy that had contracted a rare and deadly disease that was causing its intestinal lining to be broken down, she knew that she had to come to the animal’s aid. Majesty is a pitbull who is just four months old and she was admitted to a animal hospital in the nation of Belize.

Majesty’s owners were told that the animal had received all of her shots, but unfortunately, they did not ask for the proper proof. They were too trusting and paid a terrible price as a result. The disorder that she suffers from is known as parvovirus and when this disease swept through the region, she was one of the many animals who were affected.

The team of vets at the animal hospital worked hard to save Majesty’s life, but they had reached a point where they were unsure as to whether they would be able to. Hayley went to visit the animal at the hospital and even though Majesty already had a family of her own, she enjoyed having the extra company while she was in her hour of need.

Since Hayley had just laid a pitbull of her own to rest, she could definitely relate to the situation. Her fur baby was named Jewel and Jewel passed away four weeks prior to this story taking place. She’s got a very special place in her heart for this particular breed. The team of vets only gave Majesty a 50 percent chance of making it through the night and Hayley knew what she had to do.

She did not want to leave the dog in what could be her final hours, so she offered to spend the night with the pup. The vets agreed to let her stay over and even taught her how to control the animal’s IV drip. Majesty appreciate this gesture so much that she did not wish to go back into her kennel. She remained by Hayley’s side throughout the night instead.

Not only did Majesty make it through the night, but her condition continued to improve in the days that followed. She has since been given a clean bill of health and been allowed to go home with her family. This story is a testament to the awesome power of love and we would like to think that Hayley’s sacrifice during Majesty’s darkest hours was at least partially responsible for her recovery.

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